NORMA'S P-TEIN Vegan Protein Powder


For any man or woman trying to get fit, a good amount of protein is a key element to getting that toned muscular body. Norma’s P-Teinvegan protein powder ensures a 20 g intake of protein in one meal, helping you build muscle faster and in a healthy way.

Why is this product for you?

Because it’s super tasty and easy to integrate into any diet. This protein powder formula is 100% natural and contains no gluten, soy or dairy. It is ideal for any diet due to the vegan mix that has no restrains. The result? An amazing body and super self-confidence!

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Norma’s P-Tein vegan protein powder is an important dietary supplement for pre or post-workouts
  • It has an delicious vanilla flavor that you will love
  • Each serving accounts for a 20 g protein intake
  • The protein powder has a vegan formula and does not contain dairy, artificial flavors, soy or gluten
  • It’s great for any diet
  • One 32 g serving of pea protein powder contains 3629 mg of BCAAs
  • It can be added in pancake mix and shakes
  • Formula contains 11 antioxidants that support cellular regeneration
  • The pea protein powder comes in a 2 lb. (907 g) container for 28 servings
  • It can be used by women and men

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About the product
  • WHAT YOU NEED: Are you searching for a great dietary supplement that will help you build lean muscle and tone your body? Norma’s P-Tein vegan protein powder is a great ingredient that will help you develop a fit body in a healthy way.
  • FOR ANY DIET: Our amazing vanilla protein powder works great for absolutely any diet you may be on. The formula contains no gluten, dairy or soy, so you can eliminate any uncertain elements in your nutritional plan.
  • AMAZING FLAVOR: One of the best parts about Norma’s P-Tein vegan protein supplement is its amazing vanilla flavor that works as a protein powder you can add in pancake mix, shakes and smoothies.
  • PERFORMANCE BOOST: Each serving of gluten-free protein powder is equivalent with a 20 g protein intake that your body will use to develop your muscles. The 2 lb pea protein container contains 28 servings of the amazing dietary supplement.
  • MORE THAN PROTEIN: Our vanilla protein shake blend contains 11 unique antioxidants that will help your body cells develop and stay young. Each protein serving means a total of 3629 g of BCAAs, all with zero artificial sweeteners.

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